Motorcycle Apparel Perfect for All Seasons

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Title : Motorcycle Apparel Perfect for All Seasons
link : Motorcycle Apparel Perfect for All Seasons

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Motorcycle Apparel Perfect for All Seasons

Motorcycle Apparel Perfect for All Seasons

Although seen as bothersome to some, motorcycle apparel is necessary for safety.  So, if you’re going to dress bulkily and uncomfortably, why not look trendy? From head to toe, dressing yourself before that memorial ride or countryside trip in great looking gear will have onlookers turning their heads at more than your chrome.  Let’s see what gear works best for both safety and good outward appearance:

Perhaps the most necessary piece of motorcycle apparel is your helmet.  Should oncoming traffic veer off and nail your bike, you’d rather do ‘face plants’ with head protection and cut down your chances of sustaining massive brain trauma.  And, as the old saying goes, if you’ve got a $20 head, buy a $20 helmet. Your more safety conscious manufacturers include Shark, Outlaw, Hawk and of course Harley-Davidson. Depending on whether you’ll run motocross or a rumbling hog, designs from all manufacturers seem to be modern.
Motorcycle Apparel Perfect for All Seasons- Helmet

Bikers are defined by which jacket is worn.  Apart from bike clubs who don required patched vests, Harley riders will undoubtedly wear Harley jackets, motocross riders will want sponsors plastered all over their stylish jacket, and everyone else just wants to look ‘badass’.  Those falling into the latter category can choose from denim, leather, pleather, and then go for the vintage style, rebellious rider persona or whatever accentuates their attitude.  To get an idea of what you’ll often encounter, this motorcycle jacket mega guide will help you gravitate towards the perfect jacket for all occasions.  Joe Rocket and Harley Davidson are two trending brands.

No preset standard exists when boot shopping, so this arena is pretty wide open.  Obviously, again, diehard Harley fans will stay true to their roots.  The main focus here is getting comfortable boots that can endure long trips, is great for walking, and can match whatever jacket or vest you’re wearing.  BMX racers and those riding ‘rice burners’ (such as a Hayabusa) need only shoes that can endure occasional wrecks and quick foot movements.  Brands to watch for include Milwaukee Throttle, Harley, Gaerne G and Fox Racing.

When biker jackets become too cumbersome, or the weather breaks long enough to enjoy tanning while riding, vests will come into play.  Depending on what type of motorcycle you’re sporting, various styles exist to portend different moods.  Icon, for example, leans more towards a tactical look whereas Levi’s, Harley Davidson and many small-time vendors give that edgy, I’m going to drive down this highway whether it’s closed or not persona.

Choose the vest that best describes your personality, is lightweight with pockets and can easily stow away in your saddlebags. Unfortunately, probie, you’ll have to wear what your organization says to wear until you get patched.

It’s All About your Preference
People don’t purchase the above items just for safety consciousness; finding motorcycle safety gear that looks good and serves its intended purpose isn’t easy to find; therefore, if you’re confident what riding skills you have are enough to tackle the open road, by all means worry about your outward appearance – but choose your gear based off attitude, comfort and its ‘long haul’ capabilities.

Harley Davidson and Fox, by far, are #1 within their bike classes, and we’d be lying if we didn’t disclose this.  However, many other brands have ‘swagger’ and affordability which the former two lack; choose your clothing based off budget yet never skimp on head protection.

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