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5 Tips For Customizing T-shirts

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Title : 5 Tips For Customizing T-shirts
link : 5 Tips For Customizing T-shirts

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January 2015

T shirts have long been amongst the most common garment used as an outerwear. Individuals wear them on casual occasions and even in their daily routines. T shirts are discouraged at workplaces or at any other formal occasions since they represent individuals who portray their personalities as ‘easy-going’.

Nonetheless, t shirts have been a favorite piece of clothing for centuries and continue to be bought by numerous people from around the world, whether they just want to add to their wardrobe or if they are tourists who buy t shirts from all the places they visit. One of the best kinds of t shirts available in the market is the customized t shirts which allow individuals to turn their t shirts into a garment representing their specific taste and likes. For example, a person who belongs to a socialite gathering prefers wearing a t shirt representing his association with socializing. Similarly, a person who is a big fan of a particular sport or athlete customizes his or her t shirt accordingly for others to notice his interest. This is common amongst people who wish to belong to a particular sector gathering of people. Their wardrobe especially t shirts allows them to fit into a particular kind of people with the same interests. Willing to customize a t-shirt according to your tastes and preferences, you can use the following tips:
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  1. Decide on the base color of the t shirt
The base color of the t shirt is a fundamental part of the overall look for the t shirt. Deciding on the base or the main color of the t shirt can depend on the kind of theme the person has in mind or it can also be his favorite color. Either way, the base color of the t shirt will be the first impression given to others when the person customizing it will wear it. Once the base colors have been decided, the person can then have it dyed for further customization.
  1. Deciding the designs for the t shirt
The designing aspect of the t shirt is highly enjoyable for the person customizing it. He or she will have to decide what exactly the shirt will be portraying. The outlook of the end product has to be kept in mind when a shirt is designed. A person can pick out abstract art, an image, a humorous cartoon, text or anything else to add to the t shirt as a front or back design.
  1. Which occasion is the t shirt being made for
Since there are a variety of customized t shirts available in the market, people still often customize their own t shirts since they want to wear it on a particular occasion. When a person customizes a t shirt, he or she pre-establishes the occasion for which the t shirt is being made for. For example, if a person wishes to wear the t shirt on an occasion like Christmas, he or she may want to produce customized holiday t shirts.
  1. Deciding the type of the t shirt
There are a variety of t shirts available in the market. When a person is customizing a t shirt, he or she should be in a position to decide what kind of t shirt he or she would like to have. For example, many men prefer polo t shirts with a front pocket and a neck collar, whereas women prefer slim fit t shirts.
  1. Add-ons for the t shirt
Every customized t shirt is unique. For this very purpose, a person who is customizing a t shirt prefers to add a personal touch to the t shirt he or she produces. Personalization allows the person wearing it stand out from the crowd and cast an impression of uniqueness amongst everyone else.

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